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✓ We will only share the candidates who are suitable for the advertised job

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✓ The full details of the candidates will be shared with you at interview stage

✓ We will then pass your offer/decision to the candidate and follow up the salary negotiations

✓ Once reached a mutual agreement we can consult the school and the candidate for finalising the contract if requested.



We can provide various teaching and support staff for Primary, Secondary and Nursery Schools on the basis of permanent or temporary contract including short- and long-term supply work. We are not yet providing daily supply.

We have a database of candidates for the following positions:

  • Primary Teachers
  • Secondary and Sixth Form Teachers for all subjects
  • Middle Leaders: Department Heads, Head of Years, Key Stage Coordinators
  • Senior Leaders: Assistant and Deputy Heads
  • Head of Schools
  • Business Managers, Admin and Accounts
  • SEN and Inclusion Specialists
  • Teaching / Classroom Assistants
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Qualified, overseas Teachers from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland
  • NQT Teachers

Contract Types

Permanent Contracts– The schools may instruct Cognita to find permanent members of staff or they can offer a staff a permanent position after employing for a fixed term.

Fixed-term contracts:Fixed-term contract is preferred they of contract for short- or long-term supply work and temporary work which has a specific end date.  This is a flexible option to cover a period of leave, increasing workload or training where the end date is known;

Supply Work – We do not provide daily supply yet however, we can provide supply teachers for minimum of one week.

Types of school

We understand the structure and needs of various school setups as below and we work hard to provide most effective recruitment service by cooperating with the key members of senior leadership team.

  • Nursery
  • Early years
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Academies
  • Further Ed
  • SEN
  • PRUs
  • International
  • Independent

Cognita team have supported international schools in Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe for recruitment, training and school improvement needs for over ten years. We have experience working with many members of COBIS, BSME, FOBISIA and similar organisations.


Our experienced team go beyond expectation to understand the needs of your school, ensuring that we only offer candidates that suit your requirements. Our network of teachers and school leaders are typically qualified from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and North America.


We provide different packages including basic package of shortlisting and referral to full package of advertising, short listing, interviewing, contracting and inductions for teachers and headhunting for leadership positions.


We will only refer you the candidates who meet your criteria. We will not handle the teacher recruitment process any different than we do for the UK schools. We will be more careful in our selection process as we understand the cultural differences and local requirements. The assessment of suitability and the ideal match with the school’s expectations play crucial role in a successful placement for longer and fulfilling experience for both schools and teachers. We can interview on behalf of the school and share the interview video and lesson observation or task feedback or alternatively arrange online interviews with the decision makers. If required, we can also organise boutique recruitment events where the schools can have the chance of meeting preselected candidates.

Headteachers/Principals/Senior Leaders

We understand that the international schools abroad need to have utmost confidence in a candidate before offering him or her a leadership position. That’s why, our senior consultants may visit your school and work with the governing body or the executive leaders to understand the school management structure, curriculum, aims and expectations clearly before developing an information pack for the shortlisted candidates. The whole process can be managed as an open campaign or without advertising publicly. We will Once a candidate has been offered the job, we will cooperate with the school for the smooth transition period. We follow rigorous vetting procedures including safeguarding and child protection checks, qualifications and referencing. When possible, we make sure that the stakeholders of the school are involved in the interviewing stage and we consider their feedback to evaluate the whole process.

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