How we work


We understand your recruitment problem and what you need.

The Employer

  • Access to elite candidates
  • Knowledge of your unique employment sector
  • A unique to approach to meet your needs
  • A way to advertise without wasted effort

The Candidate

  • Access to worthwhile employers
  • Knowledge of your career prospects within your niche
  • A recruitment approach which respects your individually
  • Support to sell yourself

We do recruitment Your Way. We marry the candidate and employer process so that both sides are informed, equipped and ready for success. Whilst allowing for the bespoke requirements of your situation, we deliver recruitment success through our 5 Step Recruitment Process:


By utilising COGNITA you’ll gain the understanding you need of candidates, employers and the specific market niche.

The Result: Confidence in a tailored recruitment experience.


Here we begin to bring employer and candidate together through a process of preparation, followed by honest feedback. We help you prepare for recruitment, on both sides, providing tailored input on writing/interpreting CVs and interview skills for both candidate and employer.

The Result: A match between employer and candidate with the firm foundations for the relationship to last and grow.


The best employment relationships are founded on knowledge and assurance. We undertake all checks needed including qualifications, work permits, DBS checks, reference checks and full vetting according to your specific requirements and location. Our attention to detail is unwavering.

The Result: A solid set of assurances which allow both candidate and employer to feel secure.


We facilitate and support the employment start process through offers and contracts to continue to align employee and employer.

The Result: A chance to build the working relationship quickly and efficiently so that both sides achieve success.


We navigate the early days of the placement with both employer and employee in mind, ensuring the post-employment support is offered with integrity.

The Result: A nurtured employment relationship which is aligned for success.